Hyperthyroidism - 2 Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions

Hyperthyroidism - 2 Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions

1. Knowledge Deficit related to lack of information about the disease process and treatment at home.

Saying understanding of the condition / disease processes and actions.


1. Describe the process of individual disease
R / Reduce anxiety and can lead to participation in the treatment plan.

2. Instruct to breathing exercises, effective cough and exercise general conditions.
R / Breath lip and abdominal breathing helps minimize airway collapse and increased activity tolerance.

3. Discuss the factors that increase the individual's condition as air, pollen, tobacco smoke.
R / environmental factors can cause bronchial irritation and increased production of airway secretions.

2. Ineffective airway clearance related to increased production of secretions.

Maintaining a patent airway.

1. Auscultation of breath sounds
R / Some degree of bronchial spasms occur with airway obstruction and may be manifested by the presence of breath sounds.

2. Assess / monitor respiratory frequency.
R / Tachipnoe common to some degree and can be found during / due process of acute infection.

3. Push / aids or lips abdominal breathing exercises
R / Provides a way to overcome and control dispoe and reduce air entrapment.

4. Observation of the characteristic cough
R / cough may persist but ineffective, especially in the elderly, acute illness or infirmity

5. Increase fluid intake to 3000 ml / day
R / Hydration helps decrease the viscosity of secretions facilitate spending.