Nursing Intervention for Neonatal Sepsis

Neonatal sepsis is a form of the disease are described with systemic bacterial infection in the first month of life which marked a positive blood culture results. Another definition is a clinical syndrome characterized systemic symptoms and accompanied by bacteremia that occurred in the first month of life.

The incidence of neonatal sepsis vary from 1-4 / 1000 live births in developed countries with large fluctuations over time and geographical space. The diversity of the incident from the hospital to another hospital can be connected with the number of prematurity, prenatal care, delivery execution, and environmental conditions in the treatment room.

Figures neonatal sepsis increased significantly, in infants with low birth weight and maternal risk factors if any (obstetric) or signs corioamnionitis, such as rupture of time (over 18 hours), maternal intrapartum fever (more than 37.5 ° C), maternal leukocytosis (more than 18000 / mm3), softening of the uterus and fetal tachycardia (more than 180 beats / min). Host risk factors include male gender, acquired immune defects or congenital galactosemia (Escherichia coli) administration of intramuscular iron preparations (E. coli), congenital anomalies (urethra, asplenia, myelomeningocele, sinus tract), omphalitis and twins (especially the second twin fetuses infected). Prematurity is a risk factor for both the beginning and advanced sepsis.

Nursing Diagnosis for Neonatal Sepsis

Risk for Injury related to neonatal sepsis

Expected results:
  • Infants receiving therapy
  • The baby suffered repeated culture after medical measures showed no 'growth' or other complication.
  • Infants have a normal body temperature

Nursing Intervention for Neonatal Sepsis
  • Maintain isolation: isolation treatment
  • Change position every 2 hours
  • Observation of vital signs every 2 hours, tell your doctor and report changes as needed
  • Monitor vital signs
  • Maintain a neutral environmental temperature
  • Check the temperature every 2 hours
  • Keep the hand washing procedure
  • Teach the technique of washing hands to the baby parent's, before holding the baby
  • Give oxygen to order
  • Plan periods of rest, avoid holding unnecessary.

Nursing Intervention for Neonatal Sepsis