Nursing Intervention for Cataract

Nursing Intervention for Cataract

Risk for Injury related to damage vision or lack of knowledge.

Expected results:
Can reduce the risk of injury.

Nursing Intervention Nursing Care Plan for Cataract
  1. Help the patient when capable of performing the post-operative ambulation until stable and to achieve the vision and adequate coping skills.
    R /: reducing the risk of injury when a fall or stagger step or do not have the coping skills to damage eyesight.
  2. Help the patient set the environment
    R /: facilitating self-reliance and reduce the risk of injury
  3. Orient the patient in room
    R /: improve the security of mobility in the environment.
  4. Do not exert pressure on the affected eye trauma
    R /: pressure in the eye can cause serious damage further.
  5. Use appropriate procedures when delivering eye medication.
    R /: injury can occur if the container touch the eye medication.

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